Programme Director Prof. Brian Morgan speaks to BBC Radio Wales about the Ford plant closure and the Welsh economy

Professor Brian Morgan

The 20Twenty Programme Director Professor Brian Morgan spoke on the BBC Radio Wales drive time show on Friday 25th September about the recent closure of the Ford Engine Plant in Bridgend.

“There’s no getting away from the fact that it will be a difficult few year for the people who have been made redundant. But even at this difficult time we shouldn’t lose site of the significant economic opportunities that are out there. It might look bleak, but in the longer time other industries will expand and new ones will be created.” Professor Brian Morgan said.

“Wales could position itself to be a key player in the electric automotive industry. There’s also a lot of opportunity in the Fintech, Biotech, energy and creative industry sectors at the moment.”

“It’s a twin-track strategy we need here. We need big inward investors, but we also need to develop our indigenous supply investors. “

“In the marine energy industry, we could invest in the infrastructure in the Severn Estuary to produce renewable energy. This could also help to drive the Hydrogen economy which a lot of people believe is going to be the next big thing in the whole economy.”

You can listen to the full recording of Professor Brian Morgan on BBC Radio Wales below:

To listen to the full interview, visit the BBC Sounds Player and listen from 1 Hour 15 Minutes in: