Why Chartered Manager Status?

Why Become a Chartered Manager

In addition to the Level 7 CMI certificate and postgraduate (PgC) qualification from 20Twenty, you can then apply to CMI to become a Chartered Manager and use the designation ‘CMgr’ after your name. This provides formal recognition of competence and professionalism at both operational and strategic levels.

The question is: why apply for chartered status, what benefit is it to the individual and the organisation?

The following article looks at the benefits of becoming Chartered based on research conducted by the Chartered Management Institute.

Economic Impact of Chartered Managers

CMI Pay Rise

On average managers experienced a 13k pay rise as a result of becoming Chartered.

CMI Company Value

Each Chartered Manager boosts their business’ revenue by £62k per year and £310k over 5 years.

Saving Economy CMI

A £22.4k additional contribution was made to the economy from each manager becoming chartered.

Becoming a Chartered Manager was a personal aspiration as my previous highest qualifications were trade based. The new approaches to management I learnt through achieving Chartered status and then brought to my day to day role were reflected in increased remuneration from my company. Getting Chartered has been one of my career highlights.

Stuart Roberts CMgr, Associate Director, J B Fabrication (Wrexham) Ltd


Impact of Becoming a Chartered Manager on Individuals


The Impact of Becoming a Chartered Manager on Companies

95% say that Chartered
Manager demonstrates
their use of managerial
skills to achieve
organisational results.

People and Managerial skills

81% say that since
becoming Chartered, they
have used their managerial
skills to lead people and
manage change.

78% say that since becoming Chartered, they have had a positive impact on the wider team in their organisation (such as increased employee engagement).

Since becoming a Chartered Manager, Tracey has seemed more focused in her approach to work, and has an eagerness to take on new tasks and challenges. This presents a positive and professional image for our company and reinforces the company ethos with regard to CPD. Tracey becoming a Chartered Manager will help to inspire other colleagues.

Chris Hickman, Contracts Manager at Howells Glazing: line manager of Tracey Jackson CMgr FCMI, Business Development Manager at Howells Glazing

With the superior skills and bottom line benefits that come with being and employing Chartered Managers, you and your organisation can be ready for any challenge.

Meet the Chartered Manager: Rebecca Frain

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