Chris Purdon

As sole trader of publishing house The Clyvedon Press, Chris Purdon’s biggest challenge before starting the 20Twenty Programme was marketing his company to ensure potential clients knew about the services he offered.

“Early on in the 20Twenty Programme I reviewed my business and leadership style, and realised that clients were unaware of the full list of services my company offered and the changes I needed to make to improve communication with them.”


Since undertaking the programme, Chris has made significant changes to improve client awareness of his company. He says, “Several business models have now been developed to make the company more proactive and outward-looking, and we are seeing excellent results because of this already.”

For example the company developed a website targeting Asian markets, opening up a massive new audience.


As well as the benefits of the new website, Chris lists three further areas where the company has achieved positive results as a direct result of the programme:

  • More UK business partnerships. Chris says, “We’ve seen an increase in the uptake for current services from new and existing customers in the UK as well as attracting new, high-value and cash-rich business publishers.”
  • A lucrative deal to publish children’s books. “Our new partnership to publish children’s books has already increased turnover and productivity,” Chris explains.
  • The formation of strategic alliances. ”Strategic alliances are being planned with other business partners as the route to expansion,” he says.

Ultimately, the course gave Chris the tools to evaluate and update business models, and this has been invaluable in helping to develop and grow the business.

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