Success Stories

The 20Twenty Programme has benefitted over 1000 businesses, social enterprises and organisations across Wales. It’s helped them to embrace innovation, lead through change and achieve sustainable business growth by developing the critical leadership, business and management skills that employees need to meet the formidable expansion challenges facing businesses in Wales.

The stories below demonstrates the hugely positive and wide reaching impact the 20Twenty Programme has had on individuals and their organisations. 

Paul Cooper | Group Chief Executive | PTH Health Enterprises

Paul Cooper, Group Chief Executive at PTH Enterprises which includes; Dacey Orthotic Solutions, Orthotix and Ace Feet In Motion is bringing a new, European-style health service to Cardiff. Paul used his leadership skills gained on the 20Twenty Programme to strategically grow his business. 

He says, “I would encourage any businesses to take a good look internally at how they motivate their workforce as it can really help unlock strategic growth.”

Read more about Paul’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Shona Stockton | Director | Sherratt Landscape Contractors

After achieving a distinction in the 20Twenty Programme, Shona Stockton is now a Director at Sherratt Landscape Contractors. In this case study Shona describes how the programme helped her become a Director at Sherratt, and gain knowledge about leadership and business overall to become more dedicated in ensuring her teams success and development.

She says, “I have learnt the various roles of leadership and the numerous forms it can come in. In particular, I have learnt some tools that I can implement within the company in order to aid growth in my teams.”

Read more about Shona’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Katrina Williams | HR and Business Manager | Cardiff Devils

Katrina Williams, HR & Business Manager for the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Club shares her experiences of the leadership challenges encountered during the pandemic, and explains why she decided to join us on the 20Twenty Programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

“There’s never been a better time to upskill. During these times, being flexible and agile as a leader is key.”

Read more about Katrina’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Sarah Vaile | Founder and Director | Recovery Cymru

Sarah Vaile is Founder and Director of Recovery Cymru – a peer-led recovery community organisation that evolved from a single support group for people overcoming substance misuse issues ten years ago. Find out how she led her team and community to on-line delivery of substance misuse recovery support.

She says, “The 20Twenty Programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University taught me the theories, but most importantly provoked me to better understand myself and my approach.”

Read more about Sarah’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Jason Brogden | Group Trainer & Coach | Mon Motors

Jason Brogden is Group Trainer and Coach at Mon Motors Group. In this case study Jason describes how the programme helped him to change the culture across the organisation and learn about how other businesses approach personal development and leadership.

He says, “It helped me massively and gave me a chance to go away and complete a project based on engagement and culture within the organisation. This helped us to build in some behaviours and culture that we can be proud of.“

Watch the video about Jason’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Jo Clay | Founder & Innovation Lead | Empower - Be The Change Social Enterprise

Jo Clay is Founder & Innovation Lead of ‘Empower – Be The Change’ – a Social Enterprise working to empower individuals and communities to achieve more. We asked Jo about her experiences on the 20Twenty Leadership & Management Programme.

She says, “The 20Twenty programme helped me personally because it enabled me to really think about my leadership skills, particularly having just taken on new members of staff and having not led a team before.“

Read more about Jo’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Jody Tranter | Head of Kaplan Altior Legal

As a new leader, Jody took the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme to improve her leadership skills. In this case study, Judy describes how the programme gave her the confidence to be the leader she wanted to be.

She says, “It helped me move into that leadership role, to step up and be the one who is responsible. It helped me gain the confidence to take up the challenge.”

Watch the video about Jody’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Jamie Jenkins | Operations Leader | Dow Chemicals

As Operations Leader of Dow Chemicals, Jamie took the course to improve his leadership skills and to help him manage change in the business. In this case study, Jamie describes how the programme gave him the skills to improve, motivate and manage his teams.

He says, “I now have a different view of leadership and myself. The course had a significant impact on me with many ‘light bulb’ moments around leadership styles, techniques and change models that I am now using within my work.”

Read more about Jamie’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Jenine Gill | Managing Director | Little Inspirations Nursery

As Managing Director of Little Inspirations Nursery, Jenine faced the prospect of closure as COVID-19 hit. Instead they adapted to provide essential childcare for key workers.

She says, “The course helped me to develop an opportunity mindset, even when the future seemed bleak.”

Read more about Jenine’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Samantha Brey | Director | Jonathon Bray Law LTD

Samantha Bray completed the 20Twenty Leadership Course in 2016. As Director of Jonathon Bray, she is responsible for the operations side of the business, overseeing staff and organising the business.

She says, “I feel much more able to manage the accounts on a day to day basis after the course and it’s an opportunity to meet others and gain a very relevant ‘insight’ in the world of business”

Read more about Samantha’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Terry Rosoman | Head of Marketing | Ticketsource

As Head of Marketing, Terry took the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme to improve his leadership and business skills. In this case study Terry describes how the programme gave him the skills to define his role as a leader, improve the way in which he managed his team and define clear business objectives.

He says, “It helped me with managing my team by defining my role as a leader. The extra knowledge has helped me make better decisions. You get to understand what motivates people and how to get the best out of them. You come away feeling really inspired and energised, ready to implement anything you’ve learnt. “

Watch the video about Terry’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Rachele Garrod | Training Broker and Project Manager | Four Construction Group

As Training Broker and Project Manager, Rachele joined the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme in order to gain the leadership skills needed to guide the organisations I work for through the changes needed to adapt and grow.

She says, “I would recommend the programme to all managers at all levels. The skills you will gain have been critical in the current climate and will prove invaluable in responding to future challenges. “

Read more about Rachele’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Katie Killoran | Fundraising Manager | Cancer Research Wales

As Fundraising Manager, Katie took the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme to learn effective ways to lead a team. In this video, Katie describes how the programme helped her to empower her team to grow and develop.

She says, “I learned a lot about empowerment and how to motivate my team. By empowering my staff I am taking some pressure off myself but also enabling them to grow and develop”

Watch the video about Katie’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Sarah Day | Chief Executive | Practice Solutions LTD

As a business leader, Sarah took the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme to achieve success and future growth for her company. In this case study, Sarah describes how the Programme gave her tips and tools to diversify her company to ensure continued success.

She says, “The workshops were interactive, enjoyable and above all informative. For business owners, such as myself, success and profitability is always at the front of your mind and it has never been as important as in the present economic climate”.

Read more about Sarah’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Andrew Phillips | Managing Director | Carreg Construction

As Managing Director of Carreg Construction, Andrew is responsible for setting the vision for the business, it’s goals and aspirations, governance, development of staff and management teams and responsible for creating a safe and happy working environment.

He says, “I believe that it helped me re-set my start button for the business and allowed me time to fully consider not ‘what’ or ‘how’ we operate but ‘why’. Since completing the course and the all important strategic review of Carreg, we have completely reformed the way in which we do business, our market, or processes and systems and we continue to build a young and vibrant team of professionals qualified and experienced to provide the highest levels of quality and service to our clients”.

Read more about Andrew’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Wyn Williams | Owner and Partner | Harding Evans Solicitors LLP

As a new leader, Wyn took the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme to improve his leadership skills after he became an owner of the business. In this case study, Wyn describes how the programme helped him think about how he reacts to staff and clients and how it improved his leadership skills.

He says, “As a leader you should lead by example. The course helped me to make a more conscious effort with staff when things aren’t going the way you want them to”

Watch the video about Wyn’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Luke Cornish | Co-Founder | Timto

For Luke, the highlight of the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme was the personal development modules and the 1-2-1 executive coaching. The programme was an opportunity for Luke to take a step back from work and to reflect on the business, enabling him to make better strategic decisions.

He says, “The programme was invaluable in helping me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of myself and my team. Importantly, it helped me understand how to manage these factors within the context of the company.”

Read more about Luke’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Donal Whelan | Owner | Hafod Audio Mastering

As a business owner, Donal took the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme to streamline his business processes. In this case study, Donal describes how the programme gave him the skills to be a better leader and helped his business operate more efficiently.

He says, “It was an opportunity to systemise everything that we did – dealing with clients, administration and billing and it made the business operate slicker. I am a better leader since doing the course, I instruct a lot less and things are more collaborative. The personal coaching helped a lot, I thought it was very powerful and interesting.”

Watch the video about Donal’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Alison Stace | Managing Director | Allington Hughes Law

Since taking the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme, Allington Hughes has grown in size and enjoyed its best year of business under Alison’s leadership. The last 12 months have been the best we’ve ever had, and I put a lot of that down to 20Twenty,” she says.

The 20Twenty programme gave Alison the tools to develop her role as a leader. “It helped me to develop new strategies and techniques,” she says, “I’ve already noticed a difference in board meetings and day-to-day in the office.”

Read more about Alison’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

John Davey | Director | Groves Davey Chartered Accounts

Clearer routes to new clients and improved cash flow have been two key results enjoyed by Groves Davey since John Davey completed his 20Twenty Leadership programme.

He says: “The biggest success we’ve made is in changing the way we supply services to clients; this has helped us to attract clients previously seen as out of reach.“We’ve been able to re-evaluate the needs of customers and develop a new level of service provision more suitable to their needs.

Read more about John’s experience on the 20Twenty Programme

Chris Purdon | Director | The Clyvedon Press Publishing House

As a sole trader Chris’s biggest challenge was marketing his company and ensuring potential clients know about the services he offers. Since undertaking the course he has made significant changes to improve company awareness.

He says: “A review of the business and my leadership style early on in the 20Twenty course made me realise that customers were unaware of all of the services the company offers and the changes I needed to make to improve communication with them.

Read more about Chris’ experience on the 20Twenty Programme


We have worked with over 1000 businesses. Here are just a few:

A.N. Richards
Abril Ltd
Agincourt Chartered Accountants
Air Covers
BBI Group
British Biocell
Cake Communications
Cancer Research
Cardiff & Vale Credit Union.
Cardiff Glass Ltd
Coda Group
Comcen Ltd
Creditsafe Business Solutions
Event in a Tent

Frontier Medical Group
General Dynamics
Graham Evans & Partners LLP
Graham Evans Solicitors
Half Tidy Ltd
Half Tidy Ltd
HMS69 Ltd
Hornbill Engineering ltd
House Name Place
Howel Food Consultancy
HW Corporate Finance
Injury QED
Joyner Group
Leading Edge Group (uk)
Leading Edge Group (uk)
Lee Wakemans
Legal & General
Lock-Tech Systems

Logiq3 Ltd
Loosemores Solicitors
Mayberry Pharmacy Ltd
Monmouthshire Housing
Motorcare Motor Factors Ltd
New Link Wales
Paramount Interiors
Park Plaza Hotel Group
Pedal Power
Platts Animal Bedding
Potter Group
Practice Solutions Ltd
Preston Thomas
Promo Cymru
RCT homes
Recovery Cymru
Recruit 121
Russell ipm

Saltmarshe Art Publishers Limited
Science Made Simple
Solray Ltd
Sport Wales
T.B Davies Cardiff
Taff Housing
Tavern Leisure Ltd
Teachers Int Consultancy
The Orchard Media Events and Group
Tidal Energy Limited
Tony King Architects
Vydex Corporation Ltd
Wales Cooperative Centre
Watkins and Davies
Wow Event Hire Ltd

What people say about us

Jake Moddocks

“A brilliant course to bring any business into the 21st century (and beyond). It featured a great mixture of industry experts, guest lecturers, peer-reviewed research, critical thinking, and networking

Jake Moddocks / Heatforce
Sophie Williams

“Since starting the 20Twenty Programme, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I feel I have benefited from them all – both on a personal and a professional development capacity.

I have already introduced some of the techniques that we’ve practiced in the workshops into my department, and have found that the coaching sessions are a great tool for self-reflection on your current management/leadership style.”

Sophie Williams / Admiral
Ben Cottam

“The 20Twenty programme has been an exciting, challenging and personally very valuable. Having the space and opportunity to learn from experts and peers from a range of organisations and to challenge convention on questions around leadership has been vital to me in growing my own leadership skills.

These skills have been important in developing my own role and impact and the ability to develop my network through the programme has been invaluable.”

Ben Cottam / ACCA Global
Rebecca Iddon

“20Twenty enriched my experience in the workplace, the programme was a great source of learning and support for someone wanting to move their career to the next level. Offering bountiful information that was not just theoretical but offered examples of real life application I have discovered a leadership style that I didn’t know I was missing. 20Twenty re-ignited my passion for learning, and an introduction to a network of professionals that have made an impact on my career and outlook on leadership which I intend to maintain.

I completed the Postgraduate qualification. With executive coaches by your side and first class lectures and guest speakers, this programme will show you the value of theory based concepts and new ways of working.”

Rebecca Iddon / Promo Cymru