20Twenty Student and Expert Speaker Both Win 2022 Welsh Fitness Awards

Daniel Crandon - High Street Fitness

Founders of High Street Fitness and Wellbeing Daniel Crandon (current 20Twenty student) and Dr Paul Thomas (20Twenty Expert Speaker) have won the prestigious 2022 Welsh Fitness Awards.

In addition to this they also won: Trustee of The Year – Dan Crandon, Entrepreneur of The Year – Paul Thomas and overall Welsh Gym of the Year.

The company have been recognised for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic and for being a holistic centre for health and wellbeing, while being community lead and driven.

Since opening on 3rd May 2021, powered by the trustees, High Street Fitness has seen its volunteer pool grow to 23 individuals. All volunteers are from the local community and give up their time free of cost.

Welsh Fitness Awards founder Wesley Skene said: 

“Seeing what Dan and Paul have managed to achieve with High Street Fitness has been remarkable. Managing to come through the covid-19 pandemic and putting people above everything else has seen them pick up the recognition they deserve. Worthy winners of gym of the year and title Welsh Fitness Champions.”

Speaking after the awards, Dan said:

“To say the night was a success would be an understatement. It’s testament to the members, our brilliant volunteers and all our other partners that make High Street Fitness what it is.”

“Getting recognition from everyone in our industry is huge for us. Thank You.”

“If I’ve learned anything throughout this journey it’s that the people make the places. You can have all the kit in the world, posh interior design and all the other bells and whistles. But without great people you have nothing.”

Leadership Skills - Fitness and Wellbeing Industry

Leadership Skills for the Fitness and Wellbeing Industry

Daniel has known about the 20Twenty Leadership and Business Growth programme for a while through his colleagues.

After initially starting the CMI Level 4 programme and enjoying it, he moved to the CMI Level 7 programme in January this year to sharpen and challenge his business and leadership skills as well as gain a recognised qualification. 

“The whole programme is broadening my leadership horizons. It’s opened my mind to new ways of working and has made me reflect on my working practices. We lead a large cohort of volunteers through our project, which brings its own unique challenges. 20Twenty has given me the skills to help people flourish and drive the ethos of our business.”

Looking to the Future

“My overall aim from this course is to challenge my leadership beliefs and improve myself as a leader. Leadership skills are essential for the fitness and wellbeing industry.”

“This will be vital for me as we look to expand across Wales, and work with a host of new people from all walks of life.”

“If I have learned anything during my time at High Street Fitness, it’s that the only constant is change.”

“In ten years’, a new generation of people will come into the workplace, who will have different wants and needs to those we work with today.”

“We must keep pace with this as leaders, or we’ll just get left behind.”