Peter Jones ILG Ltd: Crafting a Vision for Business Growth

Chris Davidge, Peter Jones in a meeting talking

Peter Jones ILG Ltd, founded by master saddler Peter Jones in Abergavenny in 1967, has evolved to become a global leader in carriage solutions.

While specialising in niche markets, such as developing leather cases for Tetra radios, the company has thrived and expanded its reach worldwide.

Remaining true to its roots as a family-run business, Peter Jones ILG Ltd employs over 70 individuals across its two sites, with products marketed in numerous countries.

Chris Davidge, joined the company in 2021 as General Manager, bringing with him extensive experience in the automotive and tourism sectors. Since attending the Help to Grow: Management course at Cardiff Met he has been promoted to Managing Director.

Choosing Help to Grow: Management

Recognising the company’s growth potential, Chris sought to develop his skills and establish a solid foundation for the company’s future by enrolling in the Help to Grow: Management Course.

The course proved to be a perfect fit for aligning with the company’s strategic goals of nurturing internal culture, exploring historical strengths, and identifying avenues for operational efficiencies.

With the full support of the family business owners, he embraced the opportunity at Cardiff Metropolitan University, examining business frameworks from a new perspective and directly applying his knowledge to the business.

Defining a Brand and Vision

The ‘Vision, Mission and Values’ module really inspired Chris, stating “I gave the owners examples of certain very out-there visions, like Disney’s and Google’s visions, just to try and stimulate their imagination.”

He built his own take on the need for a vision statement with his analogy of “If you go and buy Hogwarts Castle in a Lego set, you know what you’re going to build from the picture on the outside of it. So that’s your vision and you build the blocks to make it”.

“Of course, a brand is not just a logo or an image, it is part of a working culture. This is another area that he and the leadership team at Peter Jones ILG Ltd have addressed off the back of the course.”

Staff Retention and Culture

While Peter Jones ILG enjoys good staff retention, using insights from the course, the company has implemented strategies to integrate new hires into the existing culture and foster continuous upskilling throughout employees’ career journeys.

With this in mind, the business is showing all staff how products are made to give them a real sense of the skill and craftsmanship involved. It is also introducing robust sick pay policies and travel allowances, demonstrating its commitment to providing a comprehensive package that goes beyond financial rewards.

Chris said:

“Our people aren’t just looking for a financial reward, they’re looking for a package that enables them to be looked after for the long term.”

Crafting Success

The Help to Grow: Management Course has already proven instrumental in assisting Peter Jones ILG with its ongoing development, including improving cloud security, implementing an ERP system, and launching a new website.

By building a robust structure and addressing key issues before expanding further, the company sets itself up for successful ventures in new territories.

Chris is an enthusiastic advocate for the course, has recommended it to family, friends, and colleagues alike.

“Even business leaders who may not have an immediate need can benefit from the refreshing perspectives and insights gained through the course. It opened our eyes, to say okay, we need to address these issues before we go full steam ahead.”

The lasting impact of the Help to Grow: Management Course on Peter Jones ILG is evident in its commitment to achieving sustainable success. As the company continues to grow, embrace new opportunities, and welcomes 16 new staff members.