Samantha Bray – Director, Jonathon Bray Limited

“I feel much more able to manage the accounts on a day to day basis after the course and it’s an opportunity to meet others and gain a very relevant ‘insight’ in the world of business”

Samantha Bray completed the 20Twenty Leadership Course in 2016. As Director of Jonathon Bray, she is responsible for the operations side of the business, overseeing staff and organising the business.

How did the 20Twenty programme help you personally?

Coming from a teaching background (I taught Religious Studies to teenagers for 15 years) – the world of business was a very daunting one to come in to. The 20Twenty programme gave me the confidence to understand the basics of marketing, accounting, and the like so I did not feel quite so out of my depth.

Did the 20Twenty programme help you succeed in your business or department?

Yes, We are on a journey to growing the business, the wheels in the world of law turn very slowly, but things are moving forward well.

Is there a particular success or milestone that you’ve achieved in your career since completing the course?

I have re-branded our company (and re-done the website). This is significant as this is our main marketing tool to entice people to contact us. The 20Twenty programme helped me to think strategically about this and focus on what was important.

What are the best bits of the course?

I enjoyed the accounting module as I had no idea how our books were being done. I felt much more able to manage the accounts on a day to day basis after that module.

Would you say you’re a better leader since doing the course?

Yes, I have always managed people and especially youngsters in school, but working with just adults is very different indeed. The 20Twenty leadership course helped me to develop my leadership style.

Would you recommend the course to others?

Yes definitely, it’s an opportunity to meet others and a very relevant ‘insight’ in the world of business!

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