Strategic Thinking and Change Management | Scott Beddow at Archwood Group

Richard Burbidge

Scott Beddow is the Procurement Manager at Chirk-based Archwood Group (the third person from the company to complete the 20Twenty programme). The programme was subsidised by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

Established in 1867, the company is passionate about the design, manufacture and supply of timber products.

They offer a range of innovative products designed to transform homes; from contemporary stair systems to decorative mouldings to exterior balustrades in glass and metal.

Archwood Group is a family-run business, employing 125 people. We are a holder of the Investors in People, Gold standard and have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying timber products for over 150 years.

Benefits of the 20Twenty Programme

We asked Scott about his experience of 20Twenty:

“After completing the Level 7 CMI Programme, which was 80% funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) through Welsh Government, it has given me fresh impetus to go on and achieve even more in the future. The information and guidance received on 20Twenty will feed into other pivotal decisions going forward.”

“Despite the whole programme being delivered virtually due to the pandemic it worked out very well, we still managed to network and meet new people and the resources provided made for an interactive, enjoyable experience.”

“A lot of the group still keep in touch and share ideas, discuss our strategies and have grown together during the course, comparing styles, and knowing the difference between leadership and management”. (*current delivery is through blended learning, both face-to-face and over Zoom).”

“The tutors brought different skill sets and perspectives which opened our eyes to different ways of thinking. It was a really insightful and rewarding programme and I would definitely recommend it to any owner, manager or director in business.”

Strategic Thinking and Change Management

“My final project was around change management and is already part of our operations; ensuring we all communicate and collaborate across the company, that everyone is on the same page and each member of the team plays their part.”

“Like many businesses we have faced challenges during Covid – especially in the supply chain – but we anticipated demand and possible delays, so it has worked for us.”

“This kind of strategic thinking and scrutiny has benefited the company as 99% of our products are in stock – given what’s happened globally that’s a fantastic result.”

“Overall, we’ve changed the way we do things and in tandem with what I’ve learned on the 20Twenty programme, that puts us in a very good position.”