Self-Development and Strategic Growth at Rockadove – Why Standing Still is Not an Option

Lloyd Morgan - Rockadove

I’m Lloyd Morgan, Managing Director for Rockadove Video Production and I have just started the 20Twenty Leadership CMI Level 7 Programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The programme was subsidised by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

I’ve been aware of the course for many years, with individuals from previous cohorts speaking very highly of it.

The business had reached a growth stage and I wanted to step back and look at it with fresh eyes – after 2 years of global pandemic restrictions.

I wanted to have dedicated time to focus on a growth strategy. Going back to studying seemed an apt way of doing so, whilst putting me out of my comfort zone.

Succession Planning and Strategic Growth

I have been in business for over 12 years and have successfully grown a respected Video Agency in South Wales, that delivers projects globally.

Looking at the future, I know growth is important and succession planning is something that needs to be considered. Particularly in terms of my next steps and my potential exit strategy.

The next growth phase will be the most challenging to date, so I want to take the time to focus on the business strategy with a new outlook. I believe the 20Twenty Programme at Cardiff Met will do just that.

Expanding My Knowledge

I see the value in looking at things from a different perspective and have grown a business with no academic knowledge. I’m self-taught, through action and a lot of wider reading, albeit none of which is academic study of theory and business models.

Taking time to look at business from a more academic perspective will give me a new insight into what I do day-to-day and allow me to implement some theory into the future of the business.

Peer to Peer Learning

Being a sole-owner and director of a business can have its challenges. Over the years I have greatly benefitted from having close business confidants, mentors, and coaches. They have been my sounding board for the challenges we have faced.

Studying alongside other professionals will hopefully be a useful experience and give me an interesting insight and perspective to my business. I hope that I can shine an interesting and useful insight on to theirs too.

Looking at things differently will hopefully hit a reset button in my mind. I have been doing this for 12+ years, and have no doubt fallen into bad habits, or worst of all become blind to obvious changes that can have a big impact.

Learning a new perspective of looking at business could be just the thing I need to reset my mindset of how I approach running a business. I could open my eyes to a key element that can transform the business moving forward.


I am a big believer in self-development and continued learning and have always done this throughout my career. Often this has been through reading or listening to audiobooks and attending conferences and events, hearing from experts in marketing, sales, and business.

You can never learn too much, and simply refreshing your knowledge can spark new ideas and ways of doing things.

Standing still and not growing (or learning) is the quickest way of falling behind and not succeeding in your chosen career.