Why Now? Where will you be in 2020?

Why you need to develop your leadership/management skills further:

The programme begins with the here and now, and asks a fundamental question, what type of leader/manager are you? Secondly, where do you want to be in four years’ time?

As leaders you need to be ‘one step ahead’ and you need to be ‘leading the way’ that will enable you to take the risks, adapt to change and become role models for those who wish to follow. Our programme will develop your further as a leader/manager within a ten month framework.

It is a 10 month programme with 6 workshops and is aimed at those progressing from middle to senior management

Our leadership programme offers qualifications and accreditations for everybody from a Level 3 to Level 7.

20Twenty Business Growth enables you and your business to develop yourself further as a leader and manger while at the same time focusing on the business and the minor or major differences you can make to your business as a result of the programme.

20Twenty Business Growth is different from other leadership programmes as it is built upon 6 successful key areas which we believe are fundamental to business growth and leadership. These form part of the workshops. Here are some of the innovative and exciting elements of the programme:

  • Leadership and Management Practice & Styles.
  • Leadership tools and techniques
  • Critical Thinking
  • Growth opportunities & Strategy
  • Strategic tools and frameworks.
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Creativity and Innovation.
  • Motivation, teams, and people management.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience.
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset.
  • Executive Coaching


This programme will help you achieve these core areas through our worldwide speakers and their expertise through applied neuroscience, organisational psychology, leadership, coaching and marketing.

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