Research Shows 20Twenty Programme Leads to Significant SME Growth and Improved Business Outcomes

Help To Grow

Research conducted by the Creative Leadership and Enterprise Centre (CLEC) at Cardiff Metropolitan University has informed regional and national policy and practice of sector stakeholders, leading to significant SME growth and improved business outcomes.

The 20Twenty Leadership Programme and Construction Futures Wales, have delivered:

  • SME business growth in excess of £155m, across 1000 businesses,
  • Safe-guarding and/or creating over 2,000 jobs
  • Created 25 new businesses.
  • Leveraged £7m in grant funding delivering a taxpayer gain of £148m – a 2,000% return-on-investment.

The researchers and contributors included:

Prof Brian Morgan, Prof Nick Clifton, Prof Mark Francis, Prof Robert Huggins, Dr Daniel Prokop, Dr Piers Thompson, Prof Andrew Thomas and Prof Gareth Loudon