An Interview with: Jo Clay from Empower – Be The Change

Jo Clay - Founder & Innovation Lead

Jo Clay is Founder & Innovation Lead of ‘Empower – Be The Change – a Social Enterprise working to empower individuals and communities to achieve more. We asked Jo about her experiences on the 20Twenty Leadership & Management Programme.

Did the 20Twenty programme help you personally?

Most definitely. The 20Twenty programme helped me personally because it enabled me to really think about my leadership skills, particularly having just taken on new members of staff and having not led a team before.  It enabled me to really reflect on those skills and the best way to empower and support them.

Did the 20Twenty programme help you succeed in your business?

Yes, the programme definitely helped us succeed.   We made some direct contacts within our group, which was great, so that led to some business.  But it’s also given us the confidence and skills to diversify what we’re doing.   We have created new services and products that are going really well.

Has your leadership style changed since being on the programme?

Yes, it has actually.  My leadership skills have become much more focussed on what the team need and much more focused on outcomes and where we are trying to get to, rather than get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of what they’re doing.   

What were the best bits of the 20Twenty Business Growth programme for you?  

For me, the best bits of the course were being in the classroom!  I think it was making direct contact with other businesses and knowing that there are other businesses in a similar position.  As a leader of those organisations, you face similar challenges and it’s having that reassurance that you’re not on your own.

Would you say you’re a better leader since doing the course?

I would hope that I’m a better leader since doing the programme.  Certainly the team feel more empowered and they’re taking much more ownership and leadership of their own areas of work. Hopefully that shows better leadership.  

Would you recommend the 20Twenty programme to other businesses?

Yes, definitely. I’ve recommended the programme to my colleagues, but also other contacts that I’ve come across in business.  Yes, it was a great programme to get involved in. 

20Twenty Business Growth Programme will be offering its flagship level 7 and level 4 courses on a fully-funded basis over the next 12 months.

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