Top Marks For Shona’s 20Twenty Vision of Sherratt Landscape

Shona Sherrat Landscape

Shona Stockton of Sherratt Landscape Contractors is celebrating, having achieved an overall distinction on the 20Twenty Business Growth programme, receiving the highest overall mark across Wales.

Along with the excellent grade, Shona achieved a further highest grade for her Strategic Growth Project and receives a well-deserved Postgraduate certificate in Leadership and Level 7 certificate from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Family Business Since 1968

Sherratt Landscape Contractors Ltd is a family business and was first established in 1968 and has over 50 years of experience and extensive professional knowledge of the landscaping industry.  With in-house contractors, alongside a team of 40 plus highly trained staff, the team at Sherratt are dedicated to managing projects of all sizes.  We asked Shona about her experience of 20Twenty:

“My Dad, Craig Stockton, had previously been on the 20Twenty programme and often spoke about the aspects he had learned.”

“As I was new to management and keen to focus on engagement and culture within the workplace, I wanted to learn the skills available to me so I could be the best type of leader possible. This for me is someone who is not only open minded, but compassionate, understanding and someone who inspires others to succeed and flourish”.

Business Growth Strategies

“I have learnt the various roles of leadership and the numerous forms it can come in. In particular, I have learnt some tools that I can implement within the company in order to aid growth in my teams. This aspect was important to me as I wanted to make my mark on the company by being the best leader possible who supported individual, team, and company growth”.

The Learning Process

“Being completely honest, I found the assignments difficult at times, but I think that’s because I’m the sort of person who puts pressure on myself as I always strive to do the best in everything I put my mind to. All in all, I made sure the assignment topics I chose fitted in with the company, so that I was researching about topics adaptable to Sherratt.”

“This worked well, especially with my Strategic Growth Project, as I have read about multiple exciting aspects I am planning on introducing”.

Gaining Skills for Personal and Business Growth

“I would definitely recommend the 20Twenty Business Growth programme to those who are wanting to take an active role in leadership. Notably, it provides an expansive insight to the different ways people can approach leadership and useful tools that can be introduced.”

“Since being on the 20Twenty programme I have not only become a Director at Sherratt, but I am an individual who has gained knowledge about leadership overall and is dedicated to ensuring my teams success and development during their career with the company”.