John Davey

Clearer routes to new clients and improved cash flow have been two key results enjoyed by John Davey, Director of Groves Davey Chartered Accounts, after taking the 20Twenty Leadership Programme.

Following the programme, I’ve implemented successful changes in the way we supply services to clients, which has helped us to attract clients previously seen as out of reach.”


In accountancy services, relationship management with clients is crucial. On our 20Twenty Leadership Programme John developed key tools in managing relationships productively.

“We’ve been able to re-evaluate the needs of clients and develop a whole new level of service provision more suitable to their needs,” he explains.

At the heart of this is building long-term relationships. He continues, “By giving clients the information they need when they need it, they can operate more effectively and we can help them increase their profitability.”

These strategic changes have resulted in positive financial forecasts for John’s accountancy firm.  “Our own financial results have been encouraging,” he says, “we’ve seen greatly improved cash flows and profitability maintained in difficult market conditions.”


When asked to describe the single most defining characteristic of John’s 20Twenty Leadership journey, he replied:

“The key benefit to me was that now I think completely differently about the business. I’ve changed the way I work and what I do. I concentrate on the big picture, long-term issues and the structure of the business, rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day problems. This has enabled everyone else in the firm to move up and for the business to run effectively without me.”

John also benefited from building his confidence, and improving his communication, problem-solving and technology skills.

He concludes, “These factors have also had a positive impact on my life outside work, as the principles apply to everything in life and not just business.”

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