Expanding My Healthcare Business – Leadership Skills for Business Growth

Expanding My Healthcare Business - Leadership Skills for Business Growth

Paul Cooper, recent 20Twenty graduate and Group Chief Executive at PTH Enterprises which includes the following businesses; Dacey Orthotic Solutions, Orthotix and Ace Feet In Motion is bringing a new, European-style health service to Cardiff.

The Healthcare Hub has just opened in Whitchurch and will initially offer podiatry services and orthopaedic products. But the plan is to expand to include many other medical areas.

It’s a relatively new concept to the UK high street, drawing parallels from orthopaedic shop clinics that are commonplace across Europe. It integrates both clinical and retail aspects under one roof.

Members of the public can be referred in by healthcare professionals or they can simply self-appoint for any healthcare services offered at the hub. 

Positive Changes to Workplace Culture

Paul completed the 20Twenty PgC Level 7 Leadership Programme in 2020. He has since found that the skills he gained were key to enabling the business expansion. 

Paul said, “Our original business was founded by my grandfather and then taken over by my dad before my siblings and I recently undertook a MBO to become the new owners. Being in a family business that has spanned nearly 50 years of trading is really rewarding, but I felt that I was potentially becoming blinkered.  The businesses ran the risk of becoming a bit stagnant.”

“This was the key driver for me taking the 20Twenty Programme. It has certainly given me a fresh eyes approach and a new perspective on many aspects of our business group.”

“Leadership and particularly workplace culture is an area that I have focused my efforts on to make positive changes since completing the 20Twenty course.”

He added, “The NHS is fantastic in everything it does for the UK public. We are very much trying to introduce a concept that will work alongside the healthcare system and alleviate some of the pressures currently placed on the orthopaedic and podiatric infrastructures. It is hoped that The Healthcare Hub will be well received by local GP’s and medical centres in the surrounding communities.”


Leadership Skills For Business Growth

The 20Twenty Programme covers a variety of leadership management practice and styles, as well as innovation, managing change and accounting and finance. The unique programme also includes a strategic growth project that focuses on developing and growing your business or organisation with a 3 year plan. 

“I believe I have a much broader understanding of what good leadership now looks like. My style of leadership has definitely changed, previously I was more aligned with my predecessor’s style, which was more transactional and autocratic in nature.”

“I’ve now adopted a more transformational approach, introducing an Executive Leadership Team and an open culture for information exchange across the group’s workforce. This has enabled us to grow the business more effectively.” Said Paul.

Motivating Teams

Key elements of the 20Twenty Programme focus on motivation, teams and people management. These leadership skills can help ensure your staff are happy, motivated and perform well.   

Paul said, “Integrating a ‘team of teams’ approach and making key employees accountable for their roles has really helped me to start restructuring the business operations across our group. If you are able to show trust and empower the right individuals within an organisation, the net result is an improved workplace culture with motivated staff all working with real purpose to achieve your overarching goal.”

“I would encourage any businesses to take a good look internally at how they motivate their workforce as it can really help unlock strategic growth.”

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