How Coaching Helped Me With Imposter Syndrome and Leading Change at Admiral

Hannah Davies Admiral

I’m Hannah Davies, Product Lead for Admiral and I completed the 20Twenty Leadership CMI Level 7 Programme in 2021.

I manage a group of Product Owners within our Data & Analytics department, leading the roadmaps, vision, and overall value of the products we are building for our Pricing, Analytics, Fraud, and Telematics departments.

I know several colleagues who’ve completed the 20Twenty Programme within Admiral. So, after taking on a more strategic role, I wanted to gain more knowledge and understanding around the subject of leadership – the 20Twenty Programme was a perfect fit.

I was also looking for some strategic business tools to use within my role so that I could integrate them immediately in my department and share with my colleagues. Admiral is creating even more successful leaders as the 20Twenty Programme is endorsed by the business.

Coaching Sessions – Imposter Syndrome and Managing Change

I found the coaching on the programme particularly beneficial. It was so insightful to spend time talking about myself, my imposter syndrome challenges and how others perceive me.

We’ve gone through quite a large period of change at Admiral. The work we completed around dealing with change and how to ensure people are brought along, has been really beneficial.

Just before starting the Leadership Programme sessions, I was promoted to a more senior role and was having doubts that I was able to work at a more strategic level.

As part of the leadership programme, we had 3 sessions of coaching with 20Twenty Tutor Annie Thompsett.  I completed a Facet5 questionnaire and opted to engage in a session on feedback from my manager, 2 peers and 2 people I managed. This was really insightful and gave some feedback to work on as well as validation of my leadership styles.

Leadership Coaching

We talked through how to set my teams up for success and how to not listen to my inner doubts. I found the feedback from those I work with really helped to change my perception on my competence to do this new role.

The coaching also challenged how I approached managing and leading others. It taught me how to build trust and how to delegate to others, learning to step back and focus on the more strategic elements.

We also discussed techniques that involved stepping away from the ‘easy tasks’ I was familiar with and building the confidence to work through the more difficult new tasks.

The empowering belief that resulted was that I am becoming a leader and every day is taking me a step closer towards success. I really try and keep this in mind when I feel like I’m struggling.

Since completing the programme I’m more aware of myself and how I can be perceived, but also, I know how to coach those that I line manage. I’m also more confident in my approaches and within my role.

Dedicating the time to the course, gaining as much from the external speakers and from the coaching sessions were my real takeaways from the 20Twenty Leadership Programme.

Also, use your personal tutor as much as possible as they’ll help you to declutter your thoughts and structure them more successfully, resulting in good project outcomes.