Gary Henley – Managing Director, Traker Engineering Ltd

Traker Engineering - 20Twenty Business Leadership Programme

“I now have the confidence that we are heading in the right direction and I have a higher awareness of how my appearance and behaviour affects others.”

Gary completed the 20Twenty Leadership Course in 2018. As Managing Director of Traker Engineering, he is responsible for managing the planning, HR, QA, commercial, new business & payroll elements of the business. Throughout the working week, Gary gets involved in every element of the business. He decided to do the 20Twenty programme to improve his leadership skills and ensure that his business achieved sustainable growth.

How did the 20Twenty programme help you personally?

I believe that it gave me the confidence that we are heading in the right direction as a business. In addition to this, it gave me a greater awareness of how my appearance and behaviour affects other people.

Did the 20Twenty programme help you succeed in your business or department?

Yes, since doing the programme the business has grown and we continue to grow and consolidate our position in the marketplace.

Traker Engineering - 20Twenty Business Growth Programme

Is there a particular success or milestone that you’ve achieved in your career since completing the course?

I am a much better leader since completing the course. It has helped me to remain calm during adversity and therefore I feel that I am able to make better decisions for the business.

What are the best bits of the course?

The most valuable bit of the course for me was the interaction and sharing of knowledge between business leaders. It’s clear that many of the problems in business are shared, and the insight you gain from other peoples experience is invaluable.

Would you say you’re a better leader since doing the course?

Yes, understanding how you influence others and how they respond to your behaviour / mood has been vital. Since doing the course I have developed the ability to be my own critic and analyse situations – this helped me to improve my leadership style.

Would you recommend the course to others?

Yes, it helps to reinforce the good areas of your leadership style and reflect upon those areas which require work. It offers solutions and alternatives to your behaviours which may require an overhaul. I highly recommend it to any manager or leader looking to develop themselves and their business.

Traker Engineering Van - 20Twenty Business Growth Programme

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