How do I prepare my business For Brexit? Essential skills for managing uncertainty and change

How do I prepare my business for Brexit?

Leaders and managers need to be able to effectively manage change, particularity at times of uncertainty, and you will need to be able to manage the day to day operations whilst planning for the future. You also need to effectively lead and support others through the change process.

There is obvious uncertainty surrounding Brexit, but you can prepare your business as much as possible, and knowing that there could be a variety of changes that could affect your business, it’s important that you plan ahead for the UK leaving the EU.

The UK Government has produced guidance to help your business prepare. Business Wales have also collated a useful guide by sector.

In addition to preparing for Brexit, there are other important business skills that the 20Twenty Business Growth Programme can help you strengthen and develop to ensure you are equipped to embrace an environment of change and uncertainty.

The workplace is being transformed and the 20Twenty Business Growth & Leadership Programme focuses on the skills you will need to be a future manager and respond to local and global challenges, for example: enhancing your communication skills, coaching skills, tech savviness, vulnerability and team empowerment.

The 20Twenty programme involves working directly on your business or department while you study, by selecting real work-based issues and providing recommendations for business growth or departmental improvements.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) have researched the future of management and produced some useful insights: Future skills you’ll need as a manager – for 2020 and beyond

Another useful article from CMI is ‘5 Actions To Take During Change At Work‘. This looks at how to best implement change management in the workplace, including planning and collecting data.

The CMI accredited 20Twenty programme involves a range of leadership tools, techniques, management practice and styles, and combines them with 1-1 coaching and day to day business application. This includes how individuals respond to change, change management frameworks, and how to achieve buy-in and behavioural change.


Business Growth and Marketing Strategies

Sustainable business growth is important for the future of any business, but often the question can be: ‘when and how to grow?’ The answer to this question will depend on the circumstances of your business – but a good marketing and growth plan is essential.

The 20Twenty programme involves working directly on your business or department while you study, by selecting real work-based issues and providing recommendations for business growth or departmental improvements.

The ‘Strategic Growth Project’ is an element of the course that together with 1-1 coaching allows you to hone in on elements of your business or department and develop tangible strategic growth solutions. The course also offers additional workshops and study on marketing, social media, and creativity and innovation.

Accounting and Finance – Calculating Efficiencies 

Because of Brexit, it will be important to prepare for a variety of financial outcomes to ensure efficiencies. So that you can plan for times of uncertainty and change you will need to be more aware of cash flow management, projections, and contingencies. Well-maintained cash flow forecasts will be essential in planning for the possible spikes and troughs of uncertain times.

The 20Twenty programme studies a range of accountancy and finance strategies and techniques that apply directly to your department or business, including how to calculate efficiencies, maintaining cash flows, and implementing business finance strategies.

The programme is an excellent way to not only improve your leadership skills for the future but to embrace change, stimulate growth, and plan for different eventualities in your business.

It is delivered by highly experienced academics and business professionals, all of which have considerable specialist expertise in business coaching, entrepreneurship, leadership and management skills.

The scheme has been supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. Benefiting from 60% EU subsidy to cover the cost of the programme.

Flexible delivery methods are available, which vary from 7 to 15 days distributed over a period of up to 10 months.  

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