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The Economic Backdrop to COVID Recovery – Reimagine and Refocus Conference

By Professor Brian Morgan My introduction to the Reimagine and Refocus conference briefly outlined the [...]

On Thin Ice: Why I Upskilled as a Leader

I’m Katrina Williams, Operations Director for the Cardiff Devils. I started the 20Twenty Business Growth [...]

The Importance Of Planning Even In Periods Of Major Uncertainty

By Jeff Davies – 20Twenty Leadership Programme Tutor. People often say that there is no [...]

How Can Leaders Better Connect In The Virtual Environment?

By Lorraine Hopkins – 20Twenty Leadership Programme Tutor. It’s widely acknowledged by many, that being [...]

Brexit and the Pandemic: The Economic Impact on Wales and the Borders

20Twenty Programme Director Professor Brian Morgan presented at a Schroders webinar on Wednesday 18th November [...]

Is The Innovative Solution You Are Looking For Right Under Your Nose?

By Andy Green – 20Twenty Leadership Programme Tutor. Are you frustrated that the innovative breakthrough [...]

The Problem With ‘Stop-Go’ Lockdowns – Professor Brian Morgan

By Professor Brian Morgan and Professor Anthony Campbell In the two months prior to the [...]

World Mental Health Day – Resilience and Work-Life Balance

Today marks ‘World Mental Health Day’ and while we shouldn’t really need an event to [...]

Coaching For Resilience: A Powerful Leadership Tool

By Annie Thompsett – 20Twenty Leadership Programme Tutor and Executive Business Coach. Psychological resilience is [...]

Values-Driven Leadership: Helping Those In Need

I’m Sarah Vaile, Founder and Director of Recovery Cymru. I attended the 20Twenty Leadership and [...]