CLEC And The Coronavirus – An Update

Like others in the business community, our students on the 20Twenty programme are working hard under stressful conditions to save their companies and jobs in unprecedented times.

At the time of the lockdown two cohorts of students in Cardiff and two cohorts in north Wales were part way through their programme.  We were keen to help them continue with our workshops, and feel that the skills and knowledge gained on the programme will be even more valuable once conditions return to something like normal.

To this end CLEC staff have been delivering workshops, tutorials and coaching via Microsoft Teams in south and north Wales throughout the period of the lockdown.  Using Teams and email we have reorganised material that is normally delivered over a full day’s workshop to be delivered electronically.

To keep students involved during the lockdown – particularly those who have signed up to new cohorts that had not yet started – we have provided reading material, developed useful content for weekly communications, and continued to support them in ways that will ensure a quick start when the rules permit.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help and provide you with more learning materials and inspiration.

We have developed a series of blogs and social media content that will direct students to useful information that may be of help during the lockdown. We have also developed a news and insights section on our website that hosts a range of content, including an opportunity for businesses to share experiences on how they have been affected by the lockdown.